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refurbished in hopes of making the students more comfortable. >> the students coming in complete the circle that's what's miss something getting our students back. secretary of state hillary clinton waking up at home following her new year's day in the hospital. doctors treated her for a blood clot in her head. according to the state department she should make a full recovery. the 113th congress will have a record 20 female senators. after a public outrage, the house of representatives does have a plan on a hurricane sandy relief bill. >> speaker of the house john boehner says he'll schedule a vote on aid for victims of superstorm sandy. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you, shame on congress. on wall street the first trading day of the year saw the dow's biggest gain in more than a year up more than 300 points. starbucks will sell reusable cups for $1.
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>> touchdown! and the louisville cardinals with the biggest win in school history. >> you were friends with o.j. simpson, did you know that he was -- >> here we go with o.j. simpson. i -- >> what? hello? >> and all that matters. >> one of the top linebackers in nfl history, ray lewis told his team he's retiring after these playoffs. >> i make this last run with my team, i give them everything i got. >> on "cbs this morning." breaking news kim kardashian is pregnant. >> kanye, they're going to have a baby. >> having a baby. >> i just hope the media couldn't make a big deal out of this. i hope it doesn't get blown out of proportion. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm norah o donl with'donnell with anthony
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mason. two days after the approval of getting over the fiscal cliff, the members of the 113th congress will be sworn in today. >> 13 senatorst and 82 house members will be new, they'll struggle with most of the same issues as the old congress from spending to gun control to immigration reform, and they face a nagging question how much can they get done? nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning, that new congress is set to be sworn in, in about an hour and i'll tell you, most lawmakers are only too happy to be shutting the door on the past two years. the 112th congress passed just 151 bills. that's less legislation than in the past 65 years, in fact less than the do nothing congress that harry truman ran against in 1948. >> we've turned ourselves into a laughing stock of the world. >> reporter: the 112th congress was filled with plenty of infighting. >> speaker bainer is unwilling to negotiate.
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>> reporter: but not much legislating. >> i need a dance partner. >> reporter: an approval rating dipped to 10% twice last year lower than past approval rating for the irs, lawyers and paris hilton, slightly higher than fidel castro. no one's more frustrated with congress than the members themselves. >> they tell me this is the least productive congress in the history of the nation. if it's not, i would be hate to be in the one that was. >> i don't think it's the most glorious chapter in the history of the united states senate. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain served in congress for 31 years. why can't the house or the senate get more done? >> i think we have a polarized electorate for one, but also i have to be candid with you, there is a certain lack of courage around here to take steps and positions and move legislation that may offend certain contichstituentcyonstituency, whether on the right or the left.
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>> reporter: just ten years ago mccain belonged to a powerful coalition of moderate senators from the right and left who worked together but today their numbers shrunk. republican scott brown of massachusetts and richard lugar of indiana were defeated kent conrad and ben nelson both retiring and because the bill to avert the fiscal cliff did not address spending the new congress will be fighting the exact same battle as the last one. maryland congresswoman chris van hollen is the top democrat on the house budget committee. >> the inability to get a comprehensive agreement means we'll be dealing with the budget issues on an on again/off again basis for months to come. >> reporter: that means there are a couple more cliffs coming. this new congress is going to have to vote sometime in the next couple of months to raise the debt ceiling, and the truth, anthony and norah, is that this fiscal cliff was relatively simple to solve, if congress had
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so much trouble with that how are they going to tackle more difficult issues that they say they want to work on like immigration and tax reform. >> good question. nancy cordes thanks. president obama signed a fiscal cliff legislation into law wednesday, after reyou nighting with his family in hawaii. chip reid is traveling with the president in honolulu. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony and norah. this is the president's second visit to hawaii this holiday season. he was here for christmas and then rushed back to washington for that battle over the fiscal cliff. now he's back on vacation after what the white house believes was a major victory. that vikt way was crowned late last night when the president authorized the signing of the fiscal cliff deal. he didn't sign it with his observe hand but used an auto pen back in washington. in a video to supporters, the president hailed the deal which raises tax rates on high incomes. >> we've now raised those rates permanently, making our tax code more progressive than it's been in decades.
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>> reporter: the president pledged to keep up the pressure on congress. >> what we fought for in 2012 we've got to fight just as hard for in 2013. so when i take the oath of office this month, i'll be as determined as ever and i'm glad i've got you by my side. >> reporter: with another big battle over spending just ahead, the president is spending over $3 million for his second round trip flight to hawaii and that's only for operating air force one. it doesn't include the costs associated with dozens of personnel and the secret service agents who guard his oceanfront compound. the president will be here three more days. he's getting a national security briefing every day and spending a lot of time with his family and yesterday, he managed to find time for six hours on the golf course. anthony and norah? >> wow, six hours, chip reid thank you. one of the first jobs for the first congress is voting on funding for superstorm sandy victims, a $60 billion aid bill died in the house tuesday night,
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sparking outrage and forcing republican leaders to back pedal. elaine quijano is in trenton new jersey where the republican governor led that outrage. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony and norah. house speaker john boehner now promises a vote tomorrow on $9 billion in sandy aid, followed by another vote in less than two weeks on the remaining $51 billion. it was a move forced in large part by the governors of two very blue states. >> disaster relief was something that you didn't play games with but now in this current atmosphere, everything is the subject of one-upsmanship. it is why the american people hate congress. >> reporter: across the hudson river, new york's democratic governor andrew cuomo echoed his counterpart's call to arms. >> ask any family in lynden hurst, in the rockaways, in staten island if the delay bothers them and then step back after you ask the question.
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>> reporter: mayor michael bloomberg was more tempered in his reaction but as the region continues to reel from the devastation of the october storm, cuomo and christie showed they could flex considerable political muscle and pressure republicans to hold a vote this friday. the empire and garden states reliably vote democratic in national elections but the region's vast wealth fills the coffers of politicians in both parties. in real world terms what does not getting this money now mean for the state of new jersey? >> our ability to be able to help small businesses on the shore and elsewhere get up and running, huge difference to help people get back in their homes, huge difference. to be able to know can we replenish and rebuild the beaches. >> reporter: fema said the national flood insurance program will run out of money next week. it has already paid out $1.7 billion in sandy-related claims. flood control and transit repair projects could also be delayed.
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repairs to the path trains which link both states and sustained $700 million in damage may be put on hold. here at the state house in trenton, governor christie noted that after hurricane katrina, it took the federal government just ten days to get a relief package to the gulf coast. it has now been 67 days since sandy made landfall and people here in the northeast are still waiting. anthony and norah? >> elaine quijano, thank you. with us is robert gibbs, the former white house press secretary and senior adviser for his re-election campaign. good morning. >> good morning. >> robert you heard the piece, 67 days since superstorm sandy hit and it seems that the storms victims are the latest casualty of this fiscal cliff fight. does the president bear any responsibility for a broken washington? >> well, look, i think what the president has challenged members of both parties to do is make sure that our politics fits the moment and the size of the
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problems that we have. certainly he has worked tirelessly to bring democrats and republicans together, to try to solve some of these problems and i think you have seen and others have seen that time after time it is hard to bring people like speaker boehner to the table to make those compromises. >> there's an old phrase someone says don't confuse effort with accomplishment. >> that should be the motto of washington, but look you know in this piece, we have averted tax rates going up on the middle class right now, which is a huge victory, i think, for the country. the question is again, we have this mini -- govern by mini crisis and the question is how are we going to meet that moment in the next two months? how are we going to make sure that the people that were hurt and the businesses that were destroyed and the houses damaged in hurricane sandy get the relief they need and it's really time as you said in that piece, it's time to put a lot of
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the politics of this away come together and start to make some real progress on behalf of the american people. >> we've been saying that for a long time and doesn't seem like this congress is able to do it. as you point out, there are at least three more big budget battles ahead in the next two months and a lot of democrats in congress are complaining that the president effectively used up all his leverage in getting this passed. so where does he go from here? >> well first and foremost look, i think nobody in america is going to miss the previous congress. i think that's fairly well established. when your approval rate something compared to fidel castro, i think that sort of ends that conversation. look, i think, i don't agree that the president has used up all of his leverage but i think that what is fair is we're going to judge the totality of this fiscal cliff deal based on what happens at the end of february. are we making progress it and making our tax code more balanced doing something that helps to continue to strengthen the economy as well as get our fiscal house in order? both sides have things that we
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need to do. the president would like to see more balance in our tax code we would all like to see a reduction in some of the spending that we see coming out of government and we know what we need to do. the question again, can our politics have people sit down at that table and make some genuine compromises to get things done? i am heartened by the fact that as we got up to this deadline we saw republicans in both the house and the senate that were willing to put aside the chicanery for a little bit and finally get something done on behalf of the american people. >> but robert the president has said and declared declaredhe won't negotiate with congress about raising the debt ceiling. what leverage does the president have to get some sort of grand bargain? >> well i think what the president is talking about there is we have to we shouldn't get into a debate about whether or not we're going to pay the bills that we have already wracked up as he said. we know we have to pay for those bills. that's money that's already been
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spent. so look let's go ahead and assume, yes, we're going to not default on the nation's bills, because we understand that would be a calamity for our economy, but i think both sides didn't get things in this fiscal cliff deal that set the stage for the next one. look, there are things that we can do again to continue to make our tax code fair. republicans would like to see some changes in the way we do some entitlements hopefully in a measured way so we don't end up doing more harm than good but look, i think we all understand the elements that have to be involved to continue again to grow our economy, to get some balance in our tax code to get our fiscal house in order. again, if we could just put aside some of the screaming and yelling. >> robert but this does set up what someone has called these cascading cliffs now, that there are more of these. isn't this a distraction from what the president wanted to didn't he give in and now hurt himself in terms of going after some of the other legislative accomplishments that he wanted
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to spend with this new congress in other words immigration reform, tax reform something on gun control? >> well look i think tax reform has to be a big part of all of these whatever fiscal cliffs or cascades or what we'd like to call them now. look, i think we understand this, we have a lot of things that we have to solve. let's take guns for instance. let's give some assurance as those children go back to sandy hook elementary school that military assault weapons aren't going to be on our streets anymore, we're not going to give the deranged a gun used in afghanistan and 30 bullets to do terror. i think there are things we ought to be able to in washington have to walk and chew gum at the same time. we have to get our fiscal house in order and do stuff on guns and immigration. >> robert gibbs thank you for being with us. >> thank you. for survivors of the newtown massacre today is the first day of school since 20 children and
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6 staff members rp killed at sandy hook element tear. students and teachers are about seven miles away in a renovated school in monroe connecticut. michelle miller is here with the story. >> good morning, anthony. newtown school superintendent janet robinson says they're hoping the students have a normal day but as the children return to class it seems today will be anything but normal for both the parents and their kids. there's no short annual of support for students of sandy hook elementary. welcome signs surround the new school, snowflakes sent in from around the world hang throughout the building. >> the students coming in completes the circle that's what's missing is getting our students back. >> reporter: a team of workers, many of them volunteers spent weeks transforming chalk hill middle school into a cheerful new home for more than 400 children. the students' desks were moved there along with backpacks left
7:16 am
behind on that tragic day in mid-december. for survivors of the shooting and their parents, it's no surprise today comes with mixed emotion. >> we asked her if she's excited, yeah, she's excited but you could see the question this their eyes. you can see it they're a little nervous, very nervous. >> reporter: comfort dogs will be on hand to help ease the transition families have also been given tours of the new facility. >> everything's in order where it should be the desks are there, even down to the teacher's tick tacks are in the right spot so they've done a wonderful job. >> reporter: local officials are calling the new school the safest in america. >> we've actually installed numerous different security devices at this school and we are going to remain on presence on location until further notice. >> reporter: sandy hook may be moving on but it hasn't forgotten. the teachers are planning to keep students on a regular schedule for their first day back. norah? secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital this morning, after treatment
7:17 am
for a blood clot inside her skull. margaret brennan is outside the clinton's hometown of chappaqua north of new york city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony, norah and all of our viewers on the west coast. secretary clinton is home here in chappaqua for the first time after three days in the hospital. she doesn't have a public schedule or any travel plans but her spokesperson says he will have an update in the following days and she's eager to get back to the office. her medical team advised her she is making good progress on all fronts and they are confident that she will make a full recovery. smiling bill and chelsea escorted hillary clinton home here to chappaqua last night and chelsea posted tis message on twitter "thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff at new york presbyterian hospital for taking great care of my mom." meantime the state department says that secretaryecretary clinton remains committed to returning
7:18 am
to washington going to capitol hill to testify about that fatal attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, but now it's a matter of scheduling with the new congress. another cold start to the day. mostly clear skies, a few high clouds moving in overhead. otherwise it is chilly. temperatures in the 20s and the 30s outside. 35 in san jose. 39 right now in oakland. 20 showing up in the valleys. this afternoon we'll thaw out. numbers expected to be in the 50s under mostly sunny skies. you will see another nice day tomorrow but a cold start to the morning. could see some showers over the weekend. . >> announcer: this national wer >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by the u.s. postal service. schedule your free package pickup today.
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after after the newtown school shooting there was a call for stricter gun laws and a jump in gun sales but nobody predicted how big those numbers would be. this morning, john miller will show us why december was a perfect storm for gun sales. and las vegas bookmakers lost money on the nfl this year, what are the odds of that? we'll find out why betters had such a good year and what the bookmakers are doing about it, on "cbs this morning." ut it on "cbs this morning."
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after they staged a home invasion robbery in san francisco's outer hi,everyone. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. five armed men are on the loose after they staged a home invasion robbery in san francisco's outer richmond district. it happened this morning. nobody was hurt. the robbers got away with a lot of money and electronics from a bunch of college kids that lived inside the house. and tonight, the east palo alto city council is expected to proclaim an emergency because of flooding fears along the san francisquito creek. the city wants state money to shore up the levees. and the 19-year-old charged with killing two people in a san francisco crash new year's day is expected in court today. police say the suspect hit the victims while trying to get away from a shooting scene. got your traffic and rather
7:26 am
chilly weather out there. have your traffic and weather coming up after the break.
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good morning. we are getting first reports of a broken-down vehicle westbound bay bridge right at the incline. it's blocking the number 2 lane. but you can see in our live shot here not causing any problems. traffic really eased up quite a bit. east 80 at central avenue reports of potholes in the road and ace train number 3 running about five minutes behind schedule. lawrence? >> we have a lot clear skies around the bay area. cold start to the day once again. frost widespread early on. temperatures dropping off into the 20s and 30s. so grab your jacket if you are heading out the door, sunglasses, too. it will be a beautiful day. numbers running down to 29 degrees in livermore. 28 in concord. and 27 degrees right now santa rosa. by the afternoon, expecting a high in the 50s. and mostly sunny. next couple of days, not too bad. but by the weekend, the clouds gather, chance of showers saturday night into sunday.
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and time to show you some of this morning ee headlines from around the globe. britain's guardian says murder charges have been brought against five suspects in the gang rape of a 23-year-old woman. she died of her injuries. the suspects may face the death penalty. >> "the washington post" reports an american drone strike killed a top taliban leader in pakistan. that taliban leader led attacks against u.s. forces in afghanistan but he had agreed to a truce with pakistan's military. "the new york times" says a highway patrol officer is being sued for allegedly falsifying
7:30 am
dozns of dui cases. she pulled over people who she claimed were driving drunk in order to boost her career. she was fired after being named trooper of the year. "usa today" says al jassirzeerassirzeera is buying current tc. current tv was co-founded by former vice president al gore. every time there's a mass shooting in america the demand for guns skyrockets. new figures show after the newtown massacre in december the fbi performed a record number of background checks for people wanting to buy firearms. former cia director john miller is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> we're seeing sales shoot up. december was a record right? >> that's right. december is always a record. what you have here is three elements that come together. black friday broke all records.
7:31 am
that's the big sales day. on that one day alone 154 guns were sold in america. but it's the saturday before christmas that's always the big sale day. and, of course the third element is the possible of new gun control laws. you bring those three things together and what you have is the perfect storm for gun sales. >> what kind of guns are people buying? >> the gun store owners i talked with said the guns that were flying off the shelves and they couldn't keep in stock was the ar-15 rifle. this is the very weapon used in the newtown school massacre the same weapon used in the movie theater massacre in aurora the same weapon that was used in the shooting at the mall in oregon just a few days before newtown. it's the weapon chosen by the washington sniper. it's the civilian model of what the military use in afghanistan or police s.w.a.t. teams in america. >> we should point out in
7:32 am
december there were 2.7 million gun sales and that's up from eight months ago and that was a record. >> right. we're talking millions of background checks. remember, anthony, a small member of those people may be reject bud another percentage are buying multiple weapon on that one back ground check. >> let me ask you this. if congress were to reinstitute the ban on assault rifles would it ban this ar-15? >> also unlikely. it might ban the weapon. if it decide thad weapon was an assault weapon which it didn't exactly do the last time what people have done is stock up. what we saw with the last weapons ban is the gun manufacturers used that time and they discussed it for a year before they passed it to really crank out -- to flood the market with those weapons and the gun buyers saw that and bought those
7:33 am
up as well as the high-capacity magazines also outlawed. what we're seeing is history repeating itself. they're arming up. >> all right. john miller thank you. and when the 113th congress convenes today, it will be an especially emotional and remarkable return to capitol hill for one lawmaker. you may remember one republican senator mark kirk of illinois suffered a mass ichb stroke last year. our jay levine is on capitol hill where he spoke with the senator. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. hi, anthony. very little happening on capitol hill as you know can be considered inspirational as you know. the last few weeks have been spard by in-fighting and that's what makes the story of senator mark kirk uplifting. >> reporter: he's used to a grueling schedule and
7:34 am
challenging workload. >> mr. president i'd like to take this time to talk on the pending legislation. >> reporter: but just a year ago kirk faced his most grueling one yet. he checked himself into the hospital after feeling dizzy. he suffer add stroke. >> it will affect his ability to use his left arm, possibly left leg. with this left side of his body largely immobile recovery will be difficult. he spent eight hour as day in unrelenting therapy learned how to walk and talk. within months the senator had made remarkable progress even posting updates to his constituents on the website. >> i'm walking again leading to the hope that i can walk the 45 steps from the steps that my staff counted from the parking lot to the front door. >> reporter: it will be the high point of his rehabilitation.
7:35 am
>> thanking back to walking on that treadmill and from then to now, did you think this day walking the steps would be possible? >> i honestly had doubts and at times, you know because i was improving so rapidly, i thought about this day a lot and knew i could nail it. >> reporter: for senator mark kirk walking those steps will mark the end of his year-long time away from congress but only the beginning. >> the big moment will be when i get to see senator tim johnson who suffered from stroke here. and i can't wait to bond with him so that hopefully we can be advocates for americans who have survived stroke. >> reporter: i've about known mark kirk for many many years, ever since he was an aide to a local congressman. is he all the way back to where he was a year ago?
7:36 am
not really. would i venture against him getting there, anthony and norah? >> no way. >> thanks. jay, he's made incredible progress. it's an amazing story and really powerful. >> it is. you talk to him and see him and see the old mark kirk you see that spark you see the desire to reach across the party line. he could be the guy, the catalyst for getting something done here. >> i know from walking those stairs myself it's a steam climb for anybody. so good luck to the senator. we wish him recovery. since the days of washington president and first lady have shared the spotlight. this morning we'll look at the fascination with the pop sicker married to kim jong-un.
7:37 am
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so here now a new segment is called "the next crisis in washington." ♪ >> reporter: as of 3:00 p.m. today the senate cafeteria reached the nap tin cliff. this has been "the next crisis washington." >> you know what's good? it's a manufactured crisis which is what the fiscal cliff was. >> it's funny because it could be true. >> not only the french fry crisis on capitol hill. north korean leader kim jong-un made headlines for a speech calling for better relations with south korea even though the two countries are technically at war.
7:42 am
as ben tracy reports his wife is the true headliner inside north korea. >> reporter: north korea's state-run television just released this video of kim jong-un attending a new year's event with his wife. they're seen with diplomats and later attending a concert where one of the favorite bands performed. it would be a pedestrian appearance in america but it's rare in north korea where the leader has always been a one-man show. >> both the father and grandfather were the head of state and you never saw the wives. that's why kim jong-un is so interesting because his wife is all over the place. >> reporter: his wife was thought to be the former lead singer of band. she's made waves by ditching north korea's bland h style work clothes opting for designer pant suits, dresses, and chanel bags.
7:43 am
>> even a couple of years ago it was considered western krumgts to have chanel or this type of designer clothing. now it's being flaunted by the first lady so they're clearly moving in the first nation. >> reporter: there's also been controversy. his wife was summoned away. rumors say she was pregnant or she followed the old guard. some noticed she was wearing broaches instead of the lapel pin featuring the north korea's founder but it was all speculation because the regime is notoriously secret. >> we don't know how old she is and we don't know how old he is. we guess she was born between 1985 and 1988. up until two years ago we didn't even have a photograph of kim jong-un. so we don't know that much of what is going on. >> reporter: we know on new year's they all appeared to be
7:44 am
all smiles at least by frozen start to many of the valleys around the bay area. a lot of sunshine coming our way today and it will warm up nicely but right now we have some very cold temperatures outside. in the valleys right now, looking at 20s in concord, also into livermore and 27 degrees in santa rosa, 35 in san jose. you will see frost even inside the bay this morning. this afternoon, those highs running up into the 50s, with mostly sunny skies. another cold one tonight in toward tomorrow. clouds moving in, maybe some rain over the weekend. betting on pro football is nothing new in vai bass but they're fumbling this season losing big money. we'll see how they got into this mess on "cbs this morning." a great clean doesn't have to take long. i'm done. are you thinking what i'm thinking?season, losing big money. we'll see how they got into this mess on "cbs this morning." they're fumbling this season, losing big money.
7:45 am
we'll see how they got into this mess on "cbs this morning." okay. all right. oh! [ female announcer ] the 2-in-1 swiffer sweeper uses electrostatic dry cloths to clean better than a broom. and its wet mopping cloths can clean better than a mop in half the time so you don't miss a thing. mom, have you seen my -- hey! hey! he did it. [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. ♪ ♪ [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll
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i've discovered gold. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roc® retinol. found in roc® retinol correxion® deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin.
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7:49 am
the nfl betting season was anything but a winner. >> players in net won more against the sports books than any year in memory. >> reporter: r.j. bell is the owner of a website. they make money on commissions. this year some fan favorites beat the odds and the house. >> if you look at the top two teams in the afc, the top two teams in the nfc, those four teams covered 60% of the time this year. these are the teams that people bet the most and these are the teams that's won for the player. >> reporter: so why is this big news? because over $100 billion were wagered on nfl games worldwide this year. in november week nine of the nfl season book dealers took a booth. they report lid lost so much
7:50 am
money that it had to tap into emergency funds to konk its losses. bell says the odds may be stacked against them but the gap is closing fast. >> the internet has changed everything. here in 2012 the average better, even the one who loses most of the time in the long run, is so much smarter, sharper than the better of ten years ago. >> reporter: and in last night's sugar bowl louisville's upset over florida didn't do the sports books any favors. >> in terms of las vegas it's -- >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" i'm terrell brown. >> did you lose any money on the football games? >> i don't bet. >> you don't bet? >> ever. >> ever? >> ever. >> that's a wise strategy. >> yeah. >> sometime somehow i think las
7:51 am
vegas is going too make it up. want to get your juices flowing? a walk in the woods will do it. we'll have surprising information for people who traded twitter for twigs on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morn portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by silk. try silk on your milk? it's the taste moecht people prefer over dairy milk. silk. try silk on your milk? it's the taste moecht people prefer over dairy milk. ( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand you're ready. for high fever nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin.
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7:55 am
congressmembers are among those being sworn-in for the first time, on hi,everyone. good morning. 7:56 on this thursday. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. two bay area congress members are among those being sworn in for the very first time on capitol hill today. each a democrat replacing a democrat. this is eric swalwell representing the 15th congressional district defeating pete stark. huffman also joins congress. state experts say california's water situation is looking mighty good. the latest snowpack survey conducted near south lake tahoe shows it's 34% above average for this time of year thanks to all the rain and snow we have had. >> got your traffic and a chilly weather forecast coming up right after the break.
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning. reports of an accident northbound 280 right at 11th. this is blocking lanes and it's an overturned vehicle. traffic light through the area though may get busy if they shut dunn a lane to clear it out of the road. no injuries reported necessary accident. chp is on scene. elsewhere southbound 101 at embarcadero we have reports of a stalled vehicle stuck in lanes. we have delays there in both directions. once you get past that area, looks like northbound 101 not too bad from 92 to 80 split. lawrence? >> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way today. we're going to need all of it. a very cold start to the day if you are heading outside right now some hazy sunshine looking back toward san francisco. the temperatures right now chilly in the valleys. back into the 20s again. 30s even inside the bay so a lot of frost out there again this morning. as we head toward the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, should bring the temperatures up into the 50s. next couple of days should be nice and dry. by the weekend the clouds roll back in. chance of showers saturday night into sunday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." with the fiscal cliff out of the way for now president obama is back on vacation in hawaii. we'll go to honolulu to see what the first family is doing. and we'll look back at the long career of patty paige, one of pop music's most memorable voices. with you first but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. just two days after congress finally approved a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff we're getting a new group of lawmakers. >> why can't the house or the senate get more done? >> i have to be candid with you. there is a certain lack of courage around here. does the president bear any responsibility for a broken
8:00 am
washington. secretary clinton is home for the first time after three days in the hospital. her spokesperson says she's eager to get back to the office. one of the first jobs for the new congress is voting on funding for superstorm sandy victims. it has now been 67 days since sandy made landfall and people here in the northeast are still waiting. for survivors of the newtown massacre, today is the first day of school since 20 children and 6 staff members were killed at sandy hook elementary. >> as the children return to class it seems like today will be anything but normal. >> every time there's a mass shooting in america, the demand for guns sky rockets. >> history is repeating itself here. people are worried that there might be a ban. by thing on pro football is nothing new in vegas but bookies are losing. >> somehow i think they're going to make it all back. >> police report fewer drunk driving arrests this past new year's eve. arrests were down?
8:01 am
you know why? congress was stuck in session. i'm norah o'donnell with anthony mason. charlie and gayle are off. president obama is picking up his christmas vacation where he left off a week ago after signing the fiscal cliff deal preventing across the board tax hikes and budget cuts. chip reid is traveling with the president in honolulu. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, nora. this was the president's second visit to hawaii this holiday season. he was here for christmas, then rushed back to washington for that battle over the fiscal cliff. now he's back here for three more days of vacation. the president praised the fiscal cliff deal in a video to his supporters yesterday and last night he signed authorization papers for the deal here in hawaii but the actual bill was signed back in washington with an auto pen. the president is spending most of his time here with family and friends at his ocean front compound which is guarded by
8:02 am
secret service agents. yesterday he found time for six hours on the golf course. norah, if history is any guide, he'll be doing plenty of that over the next few days before he returns to washington this weekend. >> all right. chip reid, thank you. republicans in congress have taken a beating this week between the fiscal cliff drama and the decision to put off superstorm sandy relief. let's talk about it with frank this morning. >> good morning. it has been a very tough week after a tough two years for the gop. i was with a number of members last night and while the wounds have begun to heal the american people are very frustrated with congress right now. they're frustrated with washington. they do what senator john mccain has said they want them to get along, get stuff done. the gop is hoping today starting with a new congress things will be different. >> frank, i didn't even get a question in there. you took it and went. i mean, i didn't have to say a thing. you just start talking.
8:03 am
>> but -- >> i want to ask you about the state of the republican party. >> sure. >> you heard governor chris christie excoriate the house republicans yesterday saying it's disappointing, it's disgusting. he said that he had tried to call speaker boehner four times and didn't get his phone call returned until the next day. what does this do for the state of the party, this in fighting? >> it is a challenge. remember that speaker boehner was trying to deal with these issues of national importance and getting a phone call from a governor you've got to get stuff done first and then you can do things step by step. part of the issue with what's happening in washington now is that the focus has been on tax increases rather than spending cuts. 70% of americans, norah, didn't want to see taxes go up on the richest americans according to recent polls. 80% of americans want to see washington stop some of its spending and this so-called fiscal cliff did not do anything when it comes to spending.
8:04 am
i think where the goop has made a mistake is that they allowed this to be about taxes rather than the various programs that the american people would like to see reduced in some way. >> frank, back to norah's point about the state of the party. you had speaker boehner going one way on the fiscal cliff deal. you had majority leader eric cantor going another way. there seems to be a split inside the party. >> and you hear it in the grassroots. you hear it all across the country. the republican party historically has been against raising taxes. but viewers should know that 98.5% of americans are going to get a permanent tax cut and that even grover norquist the leader in the anti-tax movement has said that this isn't a tax increase. you're correct, that there are schisms within the gop that did not exist before but that's what a new congress does. and if the focus turns from tax policy to spending i think that you'll find that the republicans will unite. >> yeah, but i think part of the
8:05 am
criticism as you know frank, is that here's a republican party that agreed to tax cuts but got no spending cuts and no entitlement reform out of this president, that it wasn't a great deal after all. >> and that's -- and the american people would agree with that. norah, you're correct. and so they're going to come back at this with the debt ceiling and with the budget over the next two and three months and it's going to be up to the president to prove, to demonstrate to the american people that he is serious that this deficit cannot be solved just by take increases, that in the end you've got to get entitlement programs under control and you've got to plan for the future. that's also part of this vote on sandy. you can't spend -- this is what the gop has said that you can't spend on everything at every moment all the time that you have to set priorities. so if you're going to spend more on sandy, then you have to find an offset that you spend less. >> frank, going forward here. if you're talking about a schism within the republican party and
8:06 am
you're talking about a speaker who votes with a minority of his party on a major deal, i mean, what kind of bargaining position is the party going to be in going forward here if they can't unite around anything? >> what you've illustrated the whole problem and you have to give president obama credit, that he put the gop in this situation. look, if the vote had gone in the other direction and they voted down this compromise then i'd be on this show this morning and you all would be criticizing the republicans for undermining the economy, for killing the stock market. in the end, this was a no-win situation and in politics you can survive this once or twice before your own voters start to turn against you. so i don't disagree with anything that the two of you have asked about and you've got to wonder will the republicans learn and will they change the focus over the next eight weeks from taxes to spending? because when they're talking about spending, they're on the side of the majority of the
8:07 am
american people. >> frank luntz. frank, thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. today is a new beginning for the students of sandy hook elementary school. they're returning to class in a new school in a neighboring town. school officials say they're hoping it will be a normal day. students desks, back packs, and other belongings have been moved from sandy hook. security at their new school will be tight and counselors will be on hand to try to ease the transition. it's been nearly three weeks since the shooting rampage that killed 20 sandy hook students and 6 staff members. and starbucks is issuing a wake-up call to its customers to save the viern am. today the coffee giant will start selling plastic reusable cups for $1. starbucks hopes it will get people to give up using disposable paper cups. the plastic tumblers will be cleaned with boiling water each time they're brought in to be refilled. they will get a 10 cent
8:08 am
reduction in their cost. the iowa cornfield where a field of dreams was filmed has been sold and buyers say it will be used again for baseball. in the movie a farmer hears voices, chops down his corn crop and builds a baseball field for a team of disgraced major leaguers. the property in eastern iowa had been on the market for two years. it sold for nearly $3.5 million. the group that bought it plans to build a youth baseball complex. >> that's good news. and a happy relationship with your partner can turn into a field of screams if you bicker all the time. you like this story. i haven't even said it yet and you started liking it. a field of screams. a new poll by 60 minutes and van at this fair asked people which aspect of living together most drives you crazy, share are a bathroom came in third on the list. number two is doing more chores. and the number one thing that drives couples crazy is your partner's tv choices.
8:09 am
>> did yours match up with that list? >> i guess so. i don't know. yeah. >> bathroom one is big on mine. >> bathroom. good to have two rooms with two different tvs and separate remotes. >> yeah. >> keeps a happy marriage. most spouses come together when it comes to "cb it is only january 3rd and how many resolutions have you broken already?
8:10 am
the author of a new book on will power says we can only keep one resolution at a time. we'll talk about the science of self-control. that's ahead. love this song. this is an oldie but a goody. on "cbs this morning." laura branigan. oh, my gosh. welcome back to the '80s, everybody. ♪ self-control ♪ overachiever. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. [ mom ] 3 days into school break and they're already bored. hmm, we need a new game.ttxwlun+og#wvs#q)p0á)uog5u,qcf;uñ"h/aboczb÷avzç.%";k0/ vdo4 tt>fb@ua
8:11 am
it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock>fd@mú
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8:13 am
8:14 am
and finally on monday night, thieves broke into the apple store in paris and stole $1 million worth of iphones and ipads. that's right. they took four iphones and two ipads. have yourselves a good night. >> they were having a sale at walmart on iphones. i was stunned. >> i know. you want one, right? >> no my son wants one. we're working on that. patty paige's voice defined the pop star era. we'll remember the singer who had a string of songs in the 1950s and was just about to be honored by the grammys ahead on "cbs this morning." >> i remember that song very well. right now dr. holly phillips has a suggestion for the new year. take a hike. good morning. today on "healthwatch", nature nurtures creativity. disconnecting from our digital devices seems to become more difficult every day, but there's
8:15 am
now one more reason to take a vacation in the great outdoors. a new study finds spending time with nature is good for your mind. it even improves problem solving abilities and creativity by 50%. researchers looked at 56 people with an average age of 28 and split them into two groups. the first took a creativity test before a backpacking trip and the second took it on the fourth day of the trip. those who took it before had an average score of about 4. those who took it on the fourth day scored just about 6. the second group was not only more creative but also better at problem solving. researchers can't say whether the improvements were due to more nature less technology, or both, but they say extended periods in front of a computer likely has cognitive costs, and going for a hike could help reverse them. it may also be more crucial now than ever. recent data show young people spend just 20 minutes a day playing outside and almost eight hours a day using cell phones tvs, and computers. so next time you're agonizing
8:16 am
over your computer screen consider stepping outside instead and let nature nurture your mind. i'm dr. holly phillips. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by bayer aspirin. take charge of your heart health at [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. nature's true celebrities aren't always the most obvious.
8:17 am
take the humble stevia plant with a surprising secret to share: sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness.
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to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year.
8:19 am
visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ ♪ i was dancing with my darling to the tennessee waltz ♪ patti page was a star before the rock 'n' roll erand a even sell vis presley couldn't knock her off the charts. she died on new year's day after performing for seven decades and selling more than 7 million records. ♪ how much is that doggy in the window ♪ >> patti page was a pop ian when pop songs sounded like this. ♪ i remember the night ♪ >> beginning in 1948 the woman they called the singing rage
8:20 am
scored at least one top 20 hit for 11 straight years including her biggest single "the tennessee waltz." ♪ yes i lost my little darling ♪ >> which stayed at number one for nine weeks in 1950 and '51. ♪ the beautiful tennessee waltz ♪ >> it's one thing to have hits and patti page had plenty of those. it's another thing for your voice to be a defining voice of the era. >> her popularity took her to television where she had broadcasts on all three networks and in 1960s page tried her hand on the big screen appearing in three feature films including opposite burt lancaster. >> when did you stop serving god? >> about two years ago. >> reporter: but it's her voice that she'll be most remembered. ♪ winding roads that seem to
8:21 am
beckon you ♪ >> she was somebody who really took the emotion of a song and gave it to the listeners, and listeners and fans really responded to that. born clara ann fowler in oklahoma, page was one of 11 children growing up in a poor family. she won her first grammy in 1999 when she was 71. she'll get her second lifetime achievement award posthumously. patti page was 85. ♪ i do hope that doggy's for sale ♪ >> you missed the best part of this story which was getting to hear norah sing that song in studio. ♪ how much is that ♪ >> just a tease. it's a season for resolutions and john tierney will show us why [ female announcer
8:22 am
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8:24 am
missing petaluma woman in >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. the search continues for a missing petaluma woman in south lake tahoe. 19-year-old elissa burn last seen new year's eve at the snow globe musical festival. that's in south shore. her parents told the lake tahoe news that she texted them every day of the trip to let them know that she was okay. she stopped texting on tuesday. a new clue in the case of a dog killed in a san francisco rivalry. police say the man seen running away in this grainy surveillance video last friday mugged a woman and threw this dog into oncoming traffic during a robbery. there is a $3,000 reward for any information that might lead to an arrest in this case. the city of oakland plans
8:25 am
to issue special id cards for people without legal immigration status. yesterday, the mayor, jean quan, showed off an example of the card, which is also designed to function as a debit card, as well. city expects to issue about 6,000 of these cards this year alone. traffic and some mighty chilly weather out there, too. we have your forecast and much more coming up.
8:26 am
good morning. well, we're dealing with activity on the san mateo bridge this morning. lanes are blocked on the
8:27 am
westbound side at the high-rise momentarily. but looking at our live time here traffic is moving right along, no delays. things are cleared out there. elsewhere south 880 at highway 84 an accident blocking the road. traffic slow. northbound 880 heading into oakland no delays so far, so good into the maze. and 101 near embarcadero we still have this trouble spot blocking lanes. looks like it's in the clearing stages. still slow in both directions. and 280 northbound slow from an earlier accident. lawrence. >> plenty of sunshine around the bay area today. we are going to need it. a cold start to the morning if you are heading out. a frosty beginning to the day. temperatures dropping off under mostly sunny skies right now. 20s and some 30s outside. in fact, cold temperatures into the valleys but by the afternoon we should see some 50s, high as 58 degrees in san jose. 56 degrees in santa rosa. and 56 in san francisco. next couple of days, couple of clouds gathering for the weekend, could see some showers developing inside into sunday. a return to dry and warmer weather on monday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
police in this video show a former candidate for congress puncturing the tires of his one-time poechblt gary smith was arrested on felony charges for stalking jones. he was free on bond when he allegedly showed up at her house this week. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we start every new year with the best of intentions. the weight watchers' ceo told us it's overrated. >> we're told you can work on it and it's in his new book. good morning. john, this is great book and you detail through here just about how important self-control or willpower and intelligence are
8:30 am
in terms of success. what is willpower? >> willpower is what enables you to -- it's this mental energy that enables you to expert self-control, risk temptation and follow through on new year's resolutions. it gets depleted by lots of things you do all day long. >> why is self-control so important in success? >> well you know people say self-control, they're happier in life, they do better at life at work, their relationships are better. you know when psychologists look at the two things that predict success they keep finding it's i.q. and self-control. and there's not much you can do about i.q. but self-control you can. >> you talk about it being finite and decision fatigue. how does that affect willpower. >> it's a source of energy you use and you use it when you make decisions. so when you resist a temptation or decide whether to do something north, it's drawing on
8:31 am
that same source of energy and it gets depleted when do you it. president obama heard about the research in this book and he tried to cut down the number of decisions he makes. he wears a dark suit every day so he doesn't have to decide what kind of suit do i wear. he's saving his power for more important things. >> he doesn't have to decide whether he flies southwest or american airlines which kind of helps when you're the president. he just flies air force one, which is not a bad one. even in this book you talk about whether it's president bill clinton, eliot spitzer, very powerful men who because of making so many decisions may have given in to a lack of self- self-control, right? >> yeah. you're depleted at the end of the day and then you think, you know, tweet a picture of myself in my underwear, why not, what could go wrong. >> what's interesting is that willpower is fueled by glucose right? >> yes. >> how does that work? >> they found that when someone
8:32 am
experts self-control it depletes their willpower but it then replenishes it and you've got more self-control again. we're not advocating grow out and drink a lot of sugar-filled drinks. they do that in the lab because it's a real fast way to do it. it comes from all the foods you eat. that's why dieters have had such a hard time because in order not to eat you need willpower but in order to have willpower you need to eat. >> we should point out too, this is not just your ideas. you co-wrote this book with roy baummeister. so there's a lot of studies. one of the studies is the marshmallow study which i love and has something to do with kids. >> they showed kids marshmallows. you can eat this if you want but if you wait till i come back
8:33 am
i'll give you two. they discovered accidentally that the kids who had done really well at resisting, they did better in school had higher sachlt scores better relationship they just did better in all kinds of ways. >> kids are amazing. >> the only people like myself i'm going to do it on my own kids to determine their future success. how long do they have to wait for the second marshmallow? >> 15 minutes. >> that's impossible for a 4-year-old. oh, my gosh. >> what are some of the tricks we can use to improve our willpower. >> one of the things you can do is conserve your willpower. they set up their lives so they're not using their willpower. they don't bring stuck home into their freezer, they have to make appointments at the gym. they outsource self-control to their friends and rely on that. so con serving willpower,
8:34 am
building up that and setting realistic goals, simple goals you can achieve and don't make more than one new year's resolution. one at a time. you should use it for one thing. >> keep it simple. john tierney, thank you. "willpower" is on sale now. when combat veterans return home it's big and it can carry over to the bedroom. we'll look
8:35 am
8:36 am
anybody catch president obama on "meet the press" the other day? dabd gregory asked him if the fiscal deal was his lincoln moment and obama said no he never compares himself to lincoln. here, you take a listen. >> people have been asking me a lot about the film "lincoln." >> is this your "lincoln" moment? >> no. a, i never come pare myself to
8:37 am
lincoln and, b -- and the new congress being sworn in today is likely to take a clois look at a growing issue forthe military and that is the number of troops who are committing suicide. many of those deaths are committed to another problem for returning veterans and that is breakdown between marriage and to have sex and a lot of it. >> reporter: mark waddell had a physical desire like any man returning from war but for this elite and accomplished navy sael it has upended the bonds at home. i felt much nr comfortable in the combat zone than i did being with my family back in the states. >> reporter: marring for more than 20 years go his high school sweetheart mar shell, it had come to a breaking point.
8:38 am
on the surface their family of five looked picture perfect. >> do you remember when you first saw one another? >> we were at summer camp in prescott, arizona, and he had on red swim trunks and i thought, i need to meet this guy. >> i had seen her well in advance, well before the red trunks. >> reporter: mark worked his way up to operations director for all east coast s.e.a.l. teams. there were years of coy vert missions. he lost dozens of teammates an came home with multiple injuries trauma that slowly chipped away at the heart of his marriage. >> reporter: what were the symptoms of that mark? >> very short-fused temper very short-fused. i had no tolerance for anything seemingly insubordinate or meaningless. >> it was chaotic and unpredictable. >> reporter: it took years for marshelle and mark to understand he was suffered from post-traumatic stress and brain
8:39 am
injuries. both can impact intimacy. >> once you understand what's going on with your spouse and you become a caregiver to different degrees, sex isn't great with someone that you're responsible for. it seems incestuous. >> the reality of it is when you come back, a lot of times because of some of the medications, some of the psychological effects, some of the physiological lingerings from the battlefield can create times when that is just not possible. >> this is the elephant in the room. >> reporter: marilyn lash counsels the wives of husbands with brain injuries. >> demanding sex, cop standly, repeat lid during the day. this is what we call frontal
8:40 am
lobe injury. the other thing we see is loss of intimacy. that's tied into loss ofly bee dough but also depression. >> reporter: long-term effects can reach beyond just sex. half of troops who committed suicide had a failed relationship. >> i department wantidn't want to say anything because i was seeing buries comey sies -- bodies copping back. i thought with the injuries i had sustained i had no reason to complain or raise my hand and say there's something wrong here. >> reporter: mark and marshelle eventually sought coming. eight years later they're still together. >> reporter: what enen you look at each other what do you see? do you see that little boy in prescott with the red swim trunks? >> sometimes.
8:41 am
that's what gives me hope. >> yeah. >> i don't see that very often. sigh e that sadness that's just below the surface. >> i think that whatever that was in that past relationship has found a new beginning and we've taken that which was salvageable, and it's kind of getting to date a new girl again. >> boy. i give them a lot of credit for talking about this. this is an incredible long road back and it's obviously they're still working but it's really -- it's really tough. >> we're focused sometimes so much on the physical injuries of war and amputees and not for the psychological injuries and it is true that many military families are focused this as there's now more than one suicide per day and there's a lot of new tension that needs to be focused that and lee woodruff did a fabulous job of bring this couple's story to survive. >> you can see by the wife's face how difficult this is to go
8:42 am
through. speaking of navy s.e.a.l.s which mark was working with when he was in the military we have another story. >> chris pratt is a busy actor and we'll talk about his job from "moneyball" to "parks & recreation" when "cbs this morning" continues. ♪ i -- i got it i got it made ♪ ♪
8:43 am
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this small twin engine plane caught fire after skidding off the run way at a north las vegas
8:45 am
airport on wednesday. a plume of smoke could be seen for miles. everyone on board escaped safely. incredible pictures there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." in the controversial new mirror zero dark 30 chris pratt plays a navy s.e.a.l. sent to find osama bin laden. patrick, be honest with me. do you really believe this story? >> no offense, no offense, i know, but osama bin laden? >> yeah. >> i wanted you to hear it fefrt. you know that thing we talked about? it's going to happen. >> when? >> tonight. >> good luck. >> it's a long way from his loveable and goofy character
8:46 am
andy dwyer on "parks & recreation." >> you were check out our beautiful set. >> yeah, i like it. >> congratulations on the movie. >> yeah, yeah. it's a good one. very intense. >> you actually went through some training to play the part of the navy s.e.a.l. >> yeah yeah. yeah. it -- you know, these guys are in incredible shape and really fit and they're just -- they're true warriors and so we got a tiny taste of what they go through but it was nothing what the real s.e.a.l.s go through. >> what kind of training did you have to do? >> we had to do a long ocean swim in incredibly cold water with no rescue suit and took a shot at their obstacle course. >> how did you do? >> oh man. they were like god, are you sure you want to be on "parks & rec" because we need more navy s.e.a.l.s.
8:47 am
no no. terribly -- i was slow. >> you talked about "moneyball" and you were talking about getting into shape for that. you did hip-hop abs. >> yes. hip-hop abs is very difficult. >> not as difficult as s.e.a.l.s training. >> take us sort of behind the scenes. as you were preparing for this role, what surprised you about the raid? what did you learn that you didn't know before? >> i think -- you know so much of the raid and mission was classified so to find out some of the elements -- u don't want to spoil it. it didn't go as well as we think. we know that osama bin laden was killed in the raid so that to us equals a successful raid but it didn't go off without a hitch. and, you know despite the fact that we know what happens at the
8:48 am
end of this movie, it's really interesting to see how it happened. and how it happened really surprised me. >> you talked about it being intense. that wasn't the most intense. it's very dark hard to watch. it's clear in watching it you're trying to figure out what's going on. you shot this in jord p. >> yeah, yeah. >> what was that experience like? >> it was -- it was pretty incredible. you know i was really surprised to see they named a country after a great basketball star. i don't know the nba was big in the region, but -- no. it was insap. it was insane. and, you know as a kid, i grew up playing army in the woods and this was really very fun. and i got to hang out with 20 or so dudes. there was a lot of -- a lot of hard work but also a lot of
8:49 am
camaraderie and drinking and fist-fighting and something every actor dreams of doing. >> you're actually from a military family right? >> well there are many members of my family that have been in the military. i wouldn't necessarily call us a military family but my brother was in the army and i've got a lot of cousins and nephews that serve. >> after playing in this role did you gain greater respect of what the navy s.e.a.l.s and others in the military had to go through to carry out this raid? >> absolutely. that's the thing. not only just this raid but what happens on a day-to-day basis, the sacrifices that men and women make around the world. and as many jokes as i make the one thing that i wanted to make sure is i didn't do anything to imbears the men and women of the armed forces. i support the troops. i think about them a lot. they sacrifice so much for us. and the s.e.a.l. team sacrificed so much. and they do it without wanting movies like this to be made.
8:50 am
they don't do it because there are going to be movies made about it. they do it because they have to do it. i forgot the question but i appreciate those in the military. >> there's been some criticism in the film because it begins with some fairly intense torture scenes which you weren't involved in. kathryn bigelow when she was on here said she felt those had to be portrayed. how did you feel about that? >> well, yeah. this is a film based on first-person accounts of what happened. and that's -- yeah, that element has definitely stirred up some controversy. i think i'd have to sigh the movie three or for manpower teams three or four times and that's what i recommend every american do see it three or four times. >> a salesman. let me explain how you were 19 years old, homeless living in a van and look where you are. >> now i'm here with you guys.
8:51 am
>> chris pratt. thank you. "zero dark thirty" is in some theaters and opens across the country next friday. that does it for us. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow here on "cbs this morning."
8:52 am
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mallicoat, with your c-b-s five headlines... san francisco police are searching for five suspects lent home invasi hi,everyone. good morning. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines on this thursday. san francisco police are searching for five suspects behind a violent home invasion. officers say they broke into a home on 40th avenue before 3 a.m. according to the police, suspects took off with cash, wallets and luggage. for the first time in three years the chp is looking for a few good men. those interested in a career as a chp officer can turn in applications online today through saturday. they need some help. and the east palo alto city council is expected to decide tonight to proclaim an emergency in their city that would lead to the city asking for millions of dollars from the state to shore up a levee on san francisquito creek. there was some major flooding
8:55 am
damage last month when the creek went over the levee into a neighborhood there. how about your forecast with lawrence? one word, cold. >> yeah. cold outside right now. chilly temperatures, 20 to 30s around the bay area to start out your day. more frost showing up. a nice shot over russian hill looking toward the golden gate bridge. plenty of sunshine all day long. it will stay dry. temperatures very cold though in the valleys. 28 in santa rosa. 29 livermore. 29 also into concord. you have some 30s even inside the bay so some widespread frost. this afternoon mostly sunny skies, passing high clouds, temperatures in the 50s. the next couple of days going to be similar but over the weekend, the clouds start to roll in. chance of showers saturday night into sunday. a return to dry and warmer weather on monday. all right. we'll check out your "timesaver traffic" coming right up. every
8:56 am
8:57 am
let's head to the bay bridge and traffic is very light. no delays to report. in fact, it's a nice ride into san francisco. no delays on the lower deck of the bay bridge either. now, if you are heading to the bay bridge via 880, so far so so good northbound. highway 84 in the clearing stages, slight delays approaching the scene. 101 good northbound. heading to sfo no delays southbound. brake lights a bit heading through san bruno but overall traffic moving well. you can see lots of green for your drive time. have a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> announcer: today... >> buff it and boom you are out the door. >> announcer: top tipsters square off. >> announcer: our first ever "battle of the bloggers." >> do you love this? i know. >> announcer: then... >> today i'm going to show you chipotle butternut squash. >> her sister haylie is shareing from her break-out blog. >> announcer: and... >> crackers are terrible. >> announcer: ever wonder what happens while you are watching commercials? we have your "backstage pass." >> i will get if you don't turn the camera off. a whole different type of piece. [cheers and applause]

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